After a month of pre-production, the final elements for a video project for the West Virginia College of Education and Human Services came to life. With great vision from the CEHS team, we were able to deliver a powerful and effective video production piece. We decided to go with an interview and voice-over styled video. We talked with handfuls of faculty members, alumni, current students and donors of the college.
Our shoot locations were displaced throughout a numbers of days and at different parts of Morgantown, West Virginia. Including Milan Puskar Stadium (Home of the WVU Mountaineers football team), Allen Hall, WVU Erickson Alumni Center and various locations on WVU campus.

Morgantown, WV Video Production

It was an incredible project to be a part of throughout concept to completion. Learning the rich history of WVU CEHS, and how much they’ve impacted students and the certain communities over the years. During A State of Minds, a campaign for West Virginia’s University, CEHS raised $9.8 million dollars and were responsible for many other gifts over the course of that campaign.

“We owe the state of West Virginia, in my opinion, for the education they’ve given us.” said Bill Bingman, an alum, donor and a scholarship founder of the college. “And this is just one small way that we can give back.”

The college’s focus is to mold their students to serve the surrounding communities to the best of their abilities. And for decades, they’ve done that with great tradition. They’ve done that with the motivation of their students to better themselves and to better the livelihood of society.

“We are taking things from West Virginia that are real world problems into a conference where they are also affecting other regions,” says Tim Swiger, Counseling Psychology, Class of 2020 and CEHS General Scholarship recipient. “And hopefully, we can bring things back to here at home so we can use to help West Virginians…”Morgantown, WV Video Production

Another WVU post-graduate student chimed in the appreciation of the universities’ open-mindedness and to the kindness of the donors. “Here at WVU, I think people understand that this is a priority, and that this does benefits us long-term,” says Sarah Milam, Counseling Psychology, Class of 2020 and CEHS General Scholarship, recipient. “And that investing in our students here have far reaching implications.”

Over the course of the interview process, it was uplighting to see so many caring individuals involved with the College of Education and Human Services. Some were more focused on smaller, more specific issues while others were looking at issues more holistically. Nevertheless, they all had kindness in their actions to help improve the future generations and world we live in.

Many thanks to the people that supported and helped us during this project. Bill Nevin, Jeff Boggess, Amy Lutz and Lindsey Kudaroski to name a few.

Looking forward to the next production!



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