Audio Production in West Virginia


How Does Audio Make a Difference? Our events reel asks a simple question: What is your event? Is it classy? Powerful? Delicious? This is something we have to ask ourselves about every video, not only in the planning process, but in post production as well. Our shooting style changes, sure, but the real difference comes in the editing process.

For instance, take a look at our ads for last year’s West Virginia Christmas at the Fair. Our coverage is pretty much the same for each video, but the “family fun” spot is edited at a quicker pace to match the music, whereas “Joy to the World” moves a lot slower and feels more reflective. Both tones match the event, both feel appropriate for the video being shown, but neither one steps on the other’s toes. They’re different in a way that can appeal to different audiences honestly and effectively.

“Sound is half the picture,” said industry legend George Lucas, and the only valid argument against him is that he’s understating the obvious. A video with crystal clear visuals is unwatchable when its sound is indecipherable. Many video makers place sound above video in terms of importance, and we’re inclined to agree. If a good video is a cool drink of water, the sound design is the glass that gives it shape. The contents are the same, but the glass can change the way it’s presented, and without it, there’s no drink at all.

Choosing Music for Projects

Sound design should blend with the song of choice. If you think of a video like a music piece, then any additional sound serves as the dynamic range, like crescendos and diminuendos. Since we don’t often collect sound onsite outside of an interview shoot, it’s up to us to find little sounds separately. Clinks of glasses, cheers from an audience, rain on a window, and so on, and so forth. In the editing suite, we retain complete control on loudness, timing, and every other aspect of an audio clip. We decide exactly how to use it.



Over the course of our careers, we’ve spent days combing royalty free music sites to find a song that fits our projects exactly, and that is no exaggeration. It’s like a dating game. Sometimes it feels right at first, then after editing for a little bit, it needs to be tossed out and replaced. Every video has compatible matches. Once they’re in sync, they can change to better match the project as a whole, just like any healthy relationship. No two partners are more perfect than sight and sound.

Set the Tone

Setting the right tone for an ad sets the tone you want reflected in your business. If you’re a fine dining service, for instance, you probably don’t want a video driven by screeching electric guitars, and that’s perfectly okay. The metal music can go to the local concert venue. Let’s set you up with something a little more smooth ; a podcast video teaser with The Community Podcast crew with Stefano’s head chef, Noah Meyers.

No business is complete without a video presence, and in video, sound is half the picture. At Sparks Productions, we want to help your business look good and make some noise.

Sparks Productions

As a company, we want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us. It is our priority to capture your moments and memories on your wedding day. At Sparks Productions, we are all about storytelling and creating uniqueness with every project we complete. Are you ready to talk about producing brand marketing through interviewing for your business or organization? Contact us if you’re looking for video production in West Virginia.