Overwhelming Amounts of Equipment

Long bodies, full censors, mirrorless, 4K – they’ve got all kinds of cameras. Cameras that blink, cameras that flash, cameras that whine, cameras that fly. Some of them don’t look like cameras at all, more like power tools or mini-computers. Every functionality you could imagine on a camera is out there somewhere, and if it’s not, then it will be soon. It’s only a matter of time before the entire world is covered in cameras. Our world is already, and we promise you that even we get overwhelmed sometimes.

It’s not as simple as making a purchase. Most professional cameras are just camera “bodies,” lenses sold separately. And a camera with just one lens doesn’t allow for a whole lot of shot variety, so you’ll need a few of those. Handles and shoulder rigs make motion shots smoother, external microphones make the sounds clearer, and ND filters fix a lot of sunlight problems if they’re not built into the camera already. And, of course, every camera needs some kind of memory card to store footage, which should be double backed up on two external hard drives in the event that one crashes.

All of that is a simplification with no mention of batteries, chargers, lights, etc. But you get it. Our team have a lot of stuff on our plate.



New Gear Feeling

Putting in a bulk order for one of our shiny new toys is like a weeklong Christmas. Over the course of a few days, camera parts filter in through the mail, slowly accumulating into a fully realized rig. The finished rig itself is a sight to behold, so beautifully crafted it could bring a grown cameraman to tears. The gratification comes from knowing just how many tiny parts make up a single camera. After all, what’s a body without arms and legs?

The camera itself is a small piece of an even bigger entity. On every set, we pull out tripods, monitors, lavaliers, light stands, and everything else. We stake our claim, building camps in conference rooms, classrooms, operating rooms, and wherever else we go. All tools are working in tandem for the sole purpose of collecting an image, and the camera is the piece of resistance, the headliner, the reason for it all. It’s the unifying piece of the body, and as its operators, we effectively become the brain.




Limitless Additions

I’m not going to tell you that a film set contains 80 billion tiny pieces in the same way the brain contains 80 billion tiny neurons, but there’s certainly something to be said about understanding all the tiny pieces of a whole. The camera and its limitless additions are the first and last step to any set, and it all starts with that bulk order slowly filtering through the mailbox. Instead of asking which camera you should buy, try asking yourself what it is you’re going to be using it for first. Whatever it is, there’s probably a camera for that.





Sparks Productions

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