Tell the Client Experience Story


Telling client success stories has to be one of the best ways to advertise your services, your business and yourself. There is no comparison. You are able see, hear and feel the desired experience, and get it right from the horse’s mouth. 

So, why should you care? Listen up, here’s why:

Your customers are your customers because you care for them. You care about the services you provide. You give them a sense of relief. A solution to a problem that they can’t or don’t want to do. You’re the expert, and they trust that you’re the expert. Thus, why they stay your customer.

In a world where we breath almost more than witnessing advertisements. No, we quite literally breath, see advertisements and sleep as our most frequent actions each day of our lives. Craziest sentence I’ve ever written in my 30 years. Regardless, you are good at your job, no matter what it is. And well, people should know. How we approach video testimonials with clients is simple. Select around 3-5 of your favorite, most profitable or desired type of projects that you’ve done in the last few years. As a collaborative team, we’ll help you decide the best course of action moving forward. Then we schedule our shoot dates with your selected clients.

Once we sit down with them, we’ll ask about their experience with you, what problems you solved, would they recommend you, how and why they chose to do business with you and a pile of questions similar to those. We’ll talk for about 15-20 minutes and pull out all these wonderful, meaningful sound bites about you from the client. Once the interview is completed, it’s time for b-roll.


HealthWorks Rehab & Fitness Testimonial

Roll that Beautiful B-Roll

We LOVE b-roll. I mean really LOVE it. So, what exactly is b-roll? Okay, so its footage without sound. Sounds dumb. It’s not. It’s awesome. We strategically place you, your staff and the client in normal situations and point a few cameras at you and shoot some footage. We have you shake hands, walk down hallways, put on surgical masks, point at paperwork and probably have you walk down more hallways. We use that b/roll to place over those wonderful sound bites we mentioned earlier.

Now is the fun part – EDITING !


We take all of those digital puzzle pieces and make movie magic. We cut, splice, color, copy, paste, speed up, speed down and some other cool stuff and BOOM, it’s done.

A beautifully pieced together client testimonial. One that mentions and shows all the incredible things you did for that client. Statically, video testimonials increases social media engagement by … Pushing statistics aside, it’s always important to show how you help and care for your clients. There’s no statistic out there that can measure your passion for it. That’s why you should understand the importance and benefits of client driven video testimonials.

No one sells you better than your clients – Let us help you tell your business’ client testimonials at Sparks Productions!






Sparks Productions

As a company, we want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us. It is our priority to capture your moments and memories on your wedding day. At Sparks Productions, we are all about storytelling and creating uniqueness with every project we complete. Are you ready to talk about your producing commercial video client testimonials for your business or organization? Contact us if you’re looking for video production in Morgantown, WV.