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Video production is at the heart of storytelling. For more than a decade, video production has been our team’s specialty. We can provide productions for events & occasions, commercials & ads, personal branding, preservation and storytelling, social media, music videos & shows, and more. When you have a story to be told, an audience to reach, or memories to preserve, our team is here to capture the moment.

Video Production







“Bethany College has partnered with Anthony and Sparks Media Agency for several video and photoshoots over the past few years, and each member of the creative team brings a high level of fun energy and innovation to every project. During shoots, their enthusiasm is contagious as they bounce ideas and make participants feel at ease. The team is always willing to listen, adapt, and collaborate to bring our visions to life, and their high-quality videos and photos greatly enhance the aesthetic and professional appeal of our institution.”
Emily Luke

Executive Director of Marketing & Communications, Bethany College


Do you travel?

Yes! Our team already has our bags by the door! 

Do you have a drone?

Yes, we have drones and can shoot video or photo while flying!

How long will it take to get my video?

Turnaround time varies drastically. Depending on the footage, length of video, and production demands, our turnaround times will be adjusted by each project. Connect with us and we can let you know an estimated turnaround time for your project.

What quality do you provide?

Our team shoots in the highest quality. We can provide everything from high-end professional videos and serious productions to comical commercials and hype videos. Whatever style you are seeking, we can provide.

I already have footage, can you edit it?

Possibly. Contact us and let us know the details and what you are looking for. Our team will let you know what services we may be able to provide.

What if I have no clue what to put in my video?

We can help in every aspect. Our team of professionals can assist in video concepts, production needs, scripting & messaging, video participants, and more. Whether you just need us to step in to shoot & produce, or guide you from the beginning, we are here to help!

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