Oh boy, where do I even start?

Really where I should begin is the initial meeting with the new client. Months before, we discuss their visions of what they think their big day is going to look like. We talk locations, times, style, different inspirations; basically all aspects of the wedding day. And that’s where the brainstorming begins. We are responsible for putting together your love story, so we have to get to know you.

Back-up Footage

After the shooting your wedding, the footage is double logged on hard drives for safety and categorized in their appropriate folders. 

For example, all the audio goes in the audio folder, the video is categorized in folders to however many cameras were used during the shoot. Don’t forget about those sweet flyover shots, so be sure the aerial footage is in its separate folder as well.

Organization is Key

Once the footage is imported to the editing software, adobe premiere in this case, your footage is already organized and ready to start to begin the ‘cutting’ process.

Wedding Editing ProcessAdd a timeline to your correct frame rate and name it ‘morning.’ Swiftly thumb through your footage and drop down rough cuts of all of your morning footage. Color label any super awesome, must use pieces. Do that for each phase of that day, including all of your audio features (letter exchange, reception toasts, ceremony soundbites, etc.). By keeping all of your rough cuts in their own timelines, it gives your final project timeline a nice and clean feel. That’s where you work on your final projects. As you’re making this film and need to find a specific shot, it’ll be easy to find it, because you created an awesome editing system. You also aren’t going to forget about certain shots throughout the day. This ensures nothing gets left out, especially when you have over 400 video clips to choose from.

Mentally Editing

After you do that with most of your footage, you have clarity of what you’re working with exactly. Also, as you were quickly cutting your shots, you should have been mentally piecing a rough flow of the story. You now know your best shots of the day, the beauty shots, scrub through your aerials, time-lapses, building exteriors and so on and so forth. Now you are ready to start actually editing.

Because we’ve met with the client and discussed their visions and preferred style, the music should be a piece of cake at that point. This takes a little time in the editing side of the things to quickly pick out music for your project, especially for a wedding. Artlist, Music Bed and Premium Beat are my favorite music sites. If are using copyrighted music, I would highly consider using these sites to avoid any kind of potential legal copyright action — I will be putting together another blog on reasons why you should license your music for all video production projects…

Trust the Process

Yes, it is a thorough process. The patience in skimming over all of your footage is rather tedious, but we see everything from your wedding day. Some things may not make the final cut, however it can still play a role in the creation of the finalized wedding film.

Upload your client’s video to Vimeo and/or Youtube Channel and share away!

If you have any questions about my editing process, please reach out to via email and we can chat…

Happy Editing!

Wedding Editing Process


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