Levi & Alyssa

Levi & Alyssa

•Levi & Alyssa•

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There’s always something a little more special when your wedding client is also one of your close friends growing up. Aside from all of the Star Wars puns, May 4th will also be a day that will be remembered and celebrate for these two. A day that was properly planned and scheduled for Levi, Alyssa and their families– During the morning of the wedding, the two of them exchanged letters they wrote to one another. They wrote about how lucky they are to have found one another, and how excited they are about their future.

The ceremony, officiated by Terry Collins, was at Levi’s family barn. A number of family and friends packed the family barn to watch the newlyweds say their ‘I Do’s’ — They promised and vowed each other to protect and love in sickness and in health, but to also preserve their passion with God.

After the ceremony, the reception had more cookies, laughs and dance moves than anyone could handle. The family barn was chalk full of guests to celebrate the new couple. Their first dance, parent dances, send-off and all the other reception events are in their wedding video above.

Most importantly, congratulations Levi and Alyssa and I’m looking forward to see all of your blessings together!


– Vendors –

Photography: Jenna Lee Photo
Officiant: Terry Collins
Music: Good to Be Alive by John Isaac
Keeper by Jay Denton
DJ: Paul McGrady


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