Jozie & Matt

Jozie & Matt

•Jozie & Matt•

Ever since our middle school years at AJ McMullen, everyone knew Jozie and Matt have been close friends — This trickled down into high school as well. And then after a few years into their young adult life, they became reunited during the holiday season, while both were ironically single. They spent the holidays just as friends, just like those times in middle school, however, it didn’t stay that way for very long.

It felt right, normal and I guess some would say, it felt perfect. It was difficult to find words on how excited I was when Jozie and Matt told me they were going to tie the knot — These two close friends are perfect for one another, and I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness!

The newlyweds decided to have their big day at Rich Farm in Smithfield, PA. Rich Farms wedding barn is the perfect location for the wedding you always dreamed of. They host one wedding per weekend so from Thursday afternoon until noon Sunday you have exclusive access to the barn and surrounding area including pavilions and fire pit. Decorating for an event goes far beyond the tent and tables. Their design experts will work with you to pick the perfect decor elements to create a unique look of your own — whether you want to make a splash with large accent pieces or intimate spaces for your special occasion.


Photographer: Sydney Nazelrodt
Venue: Rich Farms
Officiant: Terry Collins
DJ: Kelli Burns Entertainment
Music: The Current, The River And The Undertow by Michael Shynes
Go by Christopher Young


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