The Gearings

The Gearings

•The Gearings•

This is a project I could not wait to put together for these two. I’ve know Dillon for quite a few years dating back to elementary school, and I couldn’t believe the happiness on their special day. These two are a perfect match for one another, especially after seeing the smiles and emotion as I filmed each moment for their wedding. After spending the weekend in Erie, PA, there were a lot of us from high school that were able to reconnect and celebrate the love of Dillon and Alex. Wish we could do this all over again…

The Boston Store

The Boston Store is a former department store located on State Street in downtown Erie in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. The store itself was founded in 1885, with the building being constructed in 1929. At its peak, two other Boston Stores were opened, in addition to the downtown store. The Boston Store was closed in 1979. The building remained abandoned until 1988, when it was renovated into a combination apartment and commercial building, and was renamed Boston Store Place. The Boston Store was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1996.

I couldn’t be happier for Alex and Dillion — Wish you both nothing but the best!

Ceremony: 1st Presbyterian Church of the Covenant
Venue: The Boston Store Place
Music: Feel it by Norman
I Get to Love You by Ruelle

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