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We are at your service, capturing moments, scripting commercials and preserving those projects for a lifetime. That’s our priority at Sparks Productions: getting to know you, your story, & the best way to tell it.

We’re storytellers, after all, and we believe everybody deserves a chance to step up and tell theirs. Let us help you. It’s what we do. Video production is no longer the medium of the future; everybody needs it. We take pride in providing professional video production all throughout West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and really, all across the country. We’re prepared to pack our bags and go even farther at a moment’s notice. Who doesn’t love to travel to see new places and meet new people?

Wherever we are, whatever the shoot, we deliver your final product with a unique and personal touch. That’s where we get our gratification.


While much in our industry, and in our community of Morgantown, WV, has changed in the last few decades, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for eccentric, purposeful video that organizations, small & large, can share to better advertise their visions and plans.

Sparks Productions’ values and collaborative approach meshes well with our clients ideas. We have to be good listeners to be good artists. We want to partner with the same kind of passionate people to make art that represents you, and only you.

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If you’re a healthcare system, clinic, or a startup company, your healthcare video marketing needs to focus on the strategic message. Your audience must acknowledge your overall motivation and purpose.

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By showing the unique features and amenities of your resort, hotel or city through tourism video marketing, this captures visitor’s imaginations, and tells your tourism stories with a new, innovative style of travel video that inspires.



In looking out for our clients the same way we look out for friends and family, we create more than just a business network. We create a bond with trusted local vendors sharing one common goal: to enhance and enrich our community for the good of our neighbors and ourselves.


Highlights are one thing, but full event coverage requires something else entirely. From the comfort of their own home, audiences can experience any event by tuning into live stream video. Let us give you the ultimate event coverage with live stream capabilities.


Your special day deserves to be preserved so you can relive it over and over. We brin  a new and unique concept to wedding videography by creating a cinematic short film just for you.


Video commercials for law firms dominates because it gets results – With so much competition out there, make your law practice stand out in a crowded legal market with video.


Having a professional photographer for the listing increases the chance to sell that property. Additional months–even weeks–on the market can drastically affect your homes selling value. 


Our team will attend your event and record every important moment including the main presentation, speeches, interviews with staff and attendees, and guests enjoying the event.

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