Helping our Community with Video Storytelling.

In looking out for our clients the same way we look out for friends and family, we create more than just business. We create a network of local vendors sharing one common goal: to enhance and enrich our community for the good of our neighbors and ourselves. Sparks Productions echoes the mission to spotlight the do-gooders and community programs that bring unprecedented change to their regions.

Charities, local artisans, educational initiatives and more are those programs that leave their communities better than they found them. To showcase the underground influencers churning the wheels of progress is our duty as storytellers. We recognize the importance of community leaders, and want to play our part and service our neighbors. Help us build a better community.

We appreciate your team’s desire and willingness to come on board to video and produce for the Community Podcast – You guys readily stepped up and volunteered when we first started this journey. You guys bring the value add in video and the structured creativity for us and the guests that come on the show.Between you, Jeff and Seth, your team vibrates enthusiasm, passion and an overall eagerness to tell the stories that are right here in our community – It’s something that’s special with all the care you guys show in your client projects.

I want to thank you for that and the work that you guys do within the community – Keep up it up, fellas!

Aaron Marko

Community Podcast Co-Host & Critical Response Training