How many of us have to drop in a few ice cubes in our glass with each whiskey drink we enjoy? It’s nice to keep your preferred whiskey chilled, but the last thing you want to do is water it down. During the holidays, I ordered 6 customized whiskey stones from Groovy Guy Gifts, and I couldn’t be happier with them. They allowed me to customize the stones and they came in right before the string of our holiday parties.


The Best Engraved Whiskey Stones

These stones are perfect gifts for your groomsmen, father, priest (maybe not) or any kind of friend/family member that enjoys their whiskey a little less watered down. Before using, wash the whiskey stones and dry completely. Put the stones in the travel bag and place in the freezer for a few hours. These stones can even be heated and used to keep coffee or tea warm. They are dishwasher and food safe and never wear out. Remember, ice melts but whiskey rocks!


Check out this video showcasing how the whiskey stones work…




Groovy Guy Gifts

Do your buddy a solid and help him get his sweet whiskey chill on without the party foul of dilution. Why? Because when you care to give the very best you don’t water your whiskey. If ever your buddy finds himself between a rock and a wet place, the stiffer the stones, the wetter the whistle. Wet his whistle without watering it down.

The Best Engraved Whiskey Stones Set Includes:

– 4 Large Engraved Whiskey Stones.  The Whiskey Stones are 100% Soapstone and measure 1.1″ x 1″
– 1 Muslin Bag
– 1 Instructions card

Order them today and they’ll be shipped to you as quickly as in 10 days…



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