Should You Include Your Pets In The Wedding Planning?

Does a one-legged duck swim in circle? …Yes, that means yes.

We consider our pets a very large part of our families. Each day they wait for us as we walk through the door after a long day away from home.Their tails wagging uncontrollably with a mouthful of barks or a repetition of meows attempting to ask us a sleuth of questions about our day, when we are going to feed them, they have to pee and on and on… With all of the coordinating, how do you include your pet in your wedding planning?


Should You Include Pets In Your Wedding Day?Because our pets are so close to our hearts, I can only expect to include them in my clients’ wedding moments. So it’s very common for my clients to ask if I could make sure their pets are a part of their wedding day and the answer is always yes! It’s like not including your closest family member, and you can’t do something as insane as that!

There are moments like at Megan & Josh’s wedding when the four-legged friends made the wedding in the most unexpectedly way. In the matron of honor speech, Megan’s best friend jokingly mentioned that the newlyweds have already started a family, a fur-family. And, thankfully, Bella and Roxie made their appearances at their parents’ wedding reception. It sure was a great way to end their wonderful day after all.

Creative Ways

We all love to binge the average cat videos onYoutube or scroll through Cute Emergency last 128 pictures. I know I’m guilty. One of my favorite pet ideas had to have taken plenty of planning and the largest amount of self-control to keep it a secret. I can’t describe the emotion and cutnesst, so please watch this without wanting this same thing at your own wedding. Video credit: Daily Picks And Flicks


However, including our pets in one of the most special days of our lives has to be a small priority. It’s as simple as taking them to your engagement photoshoot session, cheesing in quick snapshot with them hours before the wedding ceremony or even put a nice little bowtie on your friendly furball & bring them to the party!

Our pets play an important role in our everyday memories & I think we underestimate the love and affection they hold for us. We have to remember that we may not have them for our entire lives, but they have us for their entire lives.

P.S. Give them an extra treat today, they deserve it.