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Continual success and growth isn’t easy. Understanding your market, knowing your mission, and achieving each goal is complex. Our team will take an in-depth look into your company, competitors, and the market, and build a blueprint for success. Whether you’re looking for an audit of an existing area, or preparing to implement something new, we can help guide you in reaching your goals.



Looking for more creativity? Stuck on which direction to take? Let our team provide you with a blueprint for success.


Looking to start a new business? Our team can help propell your dreams into reality.


Are you trying to grow your brand, build a reputation, or reach a new audience? Our team can take you to new heights.


I highly recommend Sparks Productions for their exceptional videography services. The Hampshire County CVB collaborated with them for the first time in July of 2023, and the outcome was remarkable. Anthony and his team filmed videos at the Hampshire County Fair, capturing the essence of the event and the enjoyable moments to be had at the county fair. Their work left me extremely satisfied. I am thrilled to announce that we have rehired them for the upcoming WV Peach Festival. Sparks Productions has proven to be a wonderful partner to work with, from the beginning of the project until after its completion.
Tina R. Ladd

Executive Director, Hampshire County CVB



What areas do you provide consulting in?

We provide consulting in a variety of areas. While creative auditing, new business, and personal branding are our main categories, additional fields include social media, websites, marketing strategy, fundraising, employee & volunteer management, leadership & coaching, and more. Reach out and ask how we can help!

Who will I work with?

While you will work directly with a team representative, our entire team will be fully engaged and collaborate to provide the best consulting and auditing experience to help you reach your goals.

Can you really fix my problems?

Unfortunately, we can’t make promises. But, we have a pretty good track record of guiding clients to success. We are proud to say that for over 10 years, all of our consulting & auditing clients have been successful in reaching their set goals.

If I hire you for consulting and auditing, do I have to hire you to execute the strategy?

Of course not! Once you are handed the blueprint from our team, it is fully your decision to work with our team on reaching each goal, using internal resources, or other options that work best for you. Whatever you choose, we will be cheering you on from near or far!

How do you know what the needs are?

Our team will take a deep dive into your areas of need, and work to design a strategy for success. Once we lay out quantitative goals, we will hand you the blueprint to achieve each goal. 

How long will you stay?

We can stay as little as an initial email inquiry, or for the next several decades. Really, it’s up to you! If you are looking for us to provide a blueprint to execute, we are here to help! If you are looking for us to provide the strategy, work closely on achieving each goal, and analyzing the process to continue to reach new goals, we are also here to help (and stay a little longer…). Either way, you will always have an extended team rooting for you!

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