Click, Click. It’s hot. It’s July. I’m looking through the squared-off vision of my camera, there stands a new bride in a long white dress, with the up-do that was styled just a few hours ago. Next, to her leans in a man wearing a clean gray tux that hunches overlaying the 384,586th kiss on his new bride’s soft lips. Click, click — Shooting off two more pictures.

Morgantown and Pittsburgh Wedding Photography & Videography

Witnessing love is a regular occurrence these days.

It’s the story, the raw emotions, in addition to gaining these forever connections with such awesome people. As love works in such whimsical ways, it’s that same unpredictability and magical feeling of how I started enjoying the wedding industry.

After being unemployed for about a month a few years ago, I agreed to shoot a childhood friend and finance’s wedding with borrowed equipment. One camera. One monopod. One lens. One clueless videographer. And this is where it all started. The first season of weddings was a learning experience, to say the least. Many times I felt overwhelmed, overjoyed and overworked but it made me happy seeing people happy. It’s still joyous to be able to craft special moments and bundle them together for my close friends and family members, but especially those newly acquired friends (you know who you are).

First Weddings

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After 2 years, almost 30+ weddings later and already a handful booked for the new season, I couldn’t have been more blessed to have fallen into this wonderful industry. Traveling & meeting new people has been one of the great features from this journey. Developing my own shooting style, gaining an audience and building something that is special and unique hasn’t been easy, but overly rewarding with tears and smiles. Adventuring to new venues and locations has been more than enjoyable. Filming at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, seeing the fat bird at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and the wonderful scenes from Lakeview Resort all have opened up my eyes to perspective.  Just a true blessing.


Morgantown and Pittsburgh Wedding Photography & Videography Morgantown and Pittsburgh Wedding Photography & Videography


Love’s Unpredictability

As a result of all the first kisses, garter tosses, and bridal dances, it’s because of those moments that tore through the doubts during my startup. The real reason how I’ve met and experienced love. Seeing multiple high school sweethearts tie the knot in their hometown from Allan and Dalphneyls’ beach wedding in Puerto Rico to a sunset rooftop filming session during an autumn evening. It has all been a part of the story. Producing these couple’s stories in such a way they can appreciate it years after their special day is priceless. Being on the shooting side of the camera, people assume that these creative services are just for the wedding parties, friends and family. While that is very true, there’s much more than that…

Morgantown and Pittsburgh Wedding Photography & VideographyClick, Click. The bride boasts a huge smiles as her husband kisses her lips for another one of our photos. A timeless precious moment. 

Click, Click. Feeling the soothing wind from the summer air before looking down at the last few photos taken. Their apparent love is evident. That image frozen in time with a newly proud husband kissing the woman he’s going to grow old with for decades to come. Some things cannot be explained. The feeling of true love is one of those things that are unexplainable. Being a wedding photographer and videographer is another one of those things.

None of the feelings can be planned out. The whimsical moments, beautiful venues, amazing families; you just can’t get it any better than that. It’s all unpredictable, and that is the best part about it all. The unpredictability of it. Your heart has to always be ready, no matter what side of the camera you’re on. Click. Click.



All these experiences are the aid in the telling of the story of how I will love one day.