Finding the right wedding videographer in Morgantown, WV is an important part of planning your big day. A videographer knows how to capture the fine details and memories you will have to look back on for a lifetime. Use these 5 tips to find your perfect wedding videographer in the Morgantown, WV and the surrounding area.


1. Choose your style.

Do some research and find out the style of video you want for your wedding. Are you looking for an approach that is modern, traditional or cinematic? Most cinematic videos have a storytelling approach to it, which may include narratives, vows or speeches at the ceremony. On the other hand, traditional videos are more of a documentary style with minimal creativity.  Your videographer will need a good eye and someone who pays attention to important details such as subject placement and shot composition

2. Meet your potential videographer in person before you decide.

It is Morgantown, WV Wedding Videographerimportant to meet with the person who could be filming your big day. You want to feel at ease and know you’re in good hands. Have a list of questions prepared to ask such as how long have you been filming weddings or how does your pricing work? Talk about what aspects of your wedding day you want to be included in the video and be specific about the mood, style and special effects you might be looking for.

Be sure to hire early on in the wedding planning process because an experienced pro will book up quickly even a year in advance.

3. Look at their work and reviews from other couples.

It is always a good idea to take a look at the videographers work on their Facebook page or website to get a feel for their style and experience. Look at any reviews or testimonials you can find to make sure they are credible and authentic. You may come across a save the date video or a specific video style you really like and want to use as inspiration.

4. Don’t micromanage on the day of your wedding.

When you hire your videographer you should feel confident in your decision. You shouldn’t have to keep an eye on them and give them direction throughout the entire day. If you did your research and fully explored your options, you will be well off on your wedding day. The videographer should have all of your notes of everything you would like in the film.

5. Know your budget.

Consider how much you want to spend on a video. Price packages can vary depending on the length of your video and the complexity of Meet your potential videographer in person before you decide shots or audio you want to be included. You may pay a little more for special features or effects, but be sure to ask these questions when you meet with a videographer. It may be worth asking if packages can be customized to fit your style and needs. A good videographer will take the time and do their best to get to know you and make you feel comfortable before the wedding. This will allow for a smooth process the day of filming which will lead to a wedding video you will look back on your anniversaries to come.

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