How do all wedding photographers and videographers stay as creative as possible, without getting burned out? Personally, I will say it is not easy. It is essential to challenge your creative self with each project, but to keep your sanity is just as important as well. Here are a few tips to ensure and maintain your creativity, no matter how many projects you booked.


Maintaining your Creative Self


Separate your Work Space

This was, and still is, difficult for me to do to this day. Many creatives are emotionally attached to their current projects and future ideas. We are always thinking and trying to stay inspirational. By having a separate work space from your personal life, it’ll help draw the line in your mind from your work and personal ventures. In the beginning projects, I was editing videos at the very table where I was eating my very terrible Ramon noodles for dinner. Eventually I bought a desk with a desktop to aid the anxiety and creative mindset. Pack up your hard drive, computer and your doodle pad and head to the coffee shop down the street. Before you get settle in though, get yourself some caffeine first!


There’s Always Tomorrow

Yes, my clients and their projects are very important to me, however, I’ve learned to be very mindful to myself that I don’t necessarily need to finish it right away. When you have over 50+ weddings and client projects a year, it can become easy to get caught up in the stress to finish, finish, finish in one or two sittings. Anymore, I’ve understood to be patient with my client work but to also be diligent with it too. Being as efficient as possible while I edit, write, email or work on anything has been the key for me.


Take a Hike

Owning a small business has its advantages, however the overwhelming feeling of it all is going to appear. By simply walking away from projects for an hour or so is mentally refreshing. It’s something that takes much self control to be able to do though. Realigning your focus and thoughts can do more than you think. Recently I’ve dabbled into kayaking the most nearby waters of Morgantown, WV and other parts of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Rowing on the river, feeling the water on my legs and cracking up a cold beer as the sun beats down on my frantic mind has been my little getaway a couple times a week.


Find Other Inspirations

Artist integrity is a trait I pride all of my projects on. By being true to your brand and clients is paramount, however by finding and following other companies that do similar kind of work is how you discover new trends and techniques. I encourage all creatives to do this. This is common, however, be sure it is a company outside of your given geographical market. For example, I’ve been keeping track of the work The Hub Films, ShoFilms and anything from The Knot and even Jakob Owens (personally fan though).


I hope these tips to ensure and maintain your creativity have helped. Although there are a ton of others to choose from, these are just a few I’ve felt aid my stresses and ease my qualms over the past few years. It’s impossible to quantify the intangible of creativity, so let’s all stay aware of our own stresses.


“Creativity is contagious, pass it on…”

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