My hometown area is, in opinion, one of the most peaceful and gorgeous places in the world. Fernstone Retreat is one of the amazing wedding venues in the mountains. Because of its unique historic attraction and 450 acres of adventurous property for all different themes and types of wedding celebrations, it is perfect for your special day. This venue is owned and operated by locals within the area.


Fernstone Retreat


The Fernstone Retreat sleeps 35 individuals on property. It has an onsite waterfall, Oak Pavilion that seats 250+, lit wooden bridge and 2 stocked fishing ponds. In addition, it has a hot tub and pool, hiking trails, whimsical lanterns that line the trails around property, and much more! Being at the Fernstone Retreat feels like a magical world away. The Fernstone Retreat hosts a range of events, from casual BBQ events to wedding ceremonies & receptions or just a regular get together. When you can enjoy the splendor and intimacy that 450 acres of lush mountain property provides, why settle for anything less?

The Fernstone Retreat was selected by The Knot as a feature in their “Best of 2015” magazine.

Other Events

Whether you are planning a reunion, hosting a religious retreat for your church, or your company needs a relaxing corporate getaway — Fernstone Retreat is the perfect place for your event. Combine their outdoorsy property with amazing food and drinks and you have a recipe for an event to remember!


Mason & Amber

I had the opportunity to film and be a big part in my childhood friend Mason’s wedding day back in May 2016 — Mason met Amber while speeding at the race track just a few years ago. Once he got the green flag, both of their lives were changed forever. Families on both sides knew they were perfect for one another. Still today, they travel together around the country and Amber continues to watch her new husband from the stands like the day they first met.

See their wedding video below:


Sparks Productions

As a company, we want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us. It is our priority to capture your moments and memories on your wedding day. At Sparks Productions, we are all about storytelling and creating uniqueness with every project we complete, from engagement photos to your big wedding day. Are you ready to talk about your special day? Give us a call or send us an email if you’re looking for a wedding videographer in Morgantown, WV or at the Fernstone Retreat.
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