Creating a script is one of the most essential parts of your video production project. This ensures the client knows the exact end project, as well as a guideline as you create a killer video. But those aren’t the only reasons why writing and presenting a script is beneficial. Not only can it help streamline the creative process, but key to a successful video because it’s the foundation upon which everything else is built on.

Coming up with a concept for the script can be a lengthy process. By having the right measures and discussions with the client, it can still be an intimidating task but it’s important to have the right messaging for the client’s intended goal. After finding out the video needs from the client, we then start the brainstorming process by filtering through all of the good, bad and ugly ideas.

Presenting your Script

Once the script is complete, it’s time to present it the client. When talking through it, it must be carefully read through each section of audio, and then follow with your selected visuals. Walk them through each part so you can clearly interpret the messaging behind the proposed project. Tip: You want to hook them from the start, like telling this story for the first time.

After you read through the script with your client, ask for initial feedback — You want to be confident that you’re creating a compelling and effective story. Your script rests on your ability to write an honest video brief, create an impactful story and communicate it well. Pinpointing what your client needs in your video project is what they’re paying for and are expecting. Also, If you want your viewers to take action, don’t forget to write it into the script — A solid CTA can help your audience know what to do after they’ve watched the video.

Before leaving your meeting, you want to discuss any material you’ll need for post-production, like logos, color schemes, etc. Instead of asking for them while editing, you’ll already have a jump on getting those items.

Shooting your video

By now, you’ve have to be feeling pretty damn good about your script, which means it’s time to shoot your video! One way to make your subjects more comfortable and sound more like humans and less like robots (without relying on teleprompters) is to break up your script into smaller, easier-to-memorize chunks. Later, these lines can be edited together with B-roll, artistic cuts, graphics, etc.

No matter the video project, make sure you’re telling the right story to the right audience. For more information about scripted promotional videos, please reach out and we can discuss your ideas !





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