In the last few years, one of the most recent trends happens to be drones. You see drones that children open up as Christmas presents, drones being used on family farms and drones being used for real estate & wedding videography. With growing interest and large demand for them, why not hire an operator for your business? First, be sure your operator has a commercial license. If not, take these proper steps.



Commercial License


—If you plan to operate your drone for commercial use (wedding videography, real estate, drone photography, etc), you must take the FAA UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Aeronautical part 107 drone exam. The test can be taken at one of the 696 testing centers in the United States. Here’s a list of locations where you can take the aeronautical knowledge test. Applicants need to schedule the testing appointment in advance and bring a government-issued photo ID.

—It is a two hour multiple choice exam. It consists of understanding longitude and latitude, reading and locating various areas on a map, the differences between airspaces, crew resources management and many other types of questions in regards of flying your unmanned aircraft.

—Also, register your drone through the FAA and keep both the registration and UAS certification card with you wherever you may be flying your drone. There is a small fee of $5 to register and another fee of $150 for the drone certification exam. Once you pass the UAS Aeronautical part 107 drone exam, the certification lasts for up-to two years.



Commercial Drone Operator


Why is the certification to become a commercial drone operator important?


As a videographer, my goal is to be equipped with gear that will not only get the job done, but to make my clients more than satisfied with their finished projects. By being a certified commercial drone operator, I’m able to be realistic with clients if we are permitted to fly in certain areas, to notify the ATC (Air Traffic Control) if need be, to know when to obtain a waiver from the FAA and other commercial drone operating rules that may apply.

I’m all for getting that unbelievable flyover for your video, however, the main priority is the safety of you, your crew and the people within the areas of your flight. If you aren’t certified commercially, please take the extra step and do so — Go to the FAA site for more information on how to get started on becoming a certificated UAS commercial drone operator.


Lastly, happy shooting and safe flying!



Commercial Drone Operator


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