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Mon Health System broke ground Friday on a plot of land at Middletown Commons for what will be Marion County’s newest community hospital in a year. Initially set to be constructed in Pleasant Valley, the small format hospital will include 10 beds in addition to other services, moved to the new site shortly after company CEO and President David Goldberg toured the walkable shopping center that is set to become a draw for Marion County. The original certificate of need issued by the state in May approved Mon Health’s request to construct a $25 million hospital on Landing Lane in Pleasant Valley. No information was provided on the cost of the remodel or buildout of the new space at Middletown Commons. “The economic development is outstanding,” Goldberg said. “The opportunity to go into a development that I don’t have to build fresh out of the ground that is already having infrastructure, TIF investment, state investment, local investment, other local, other clinical providers and you have the outpatient center at the Technology Park that will be open late spring early summer… it’s just a perfect little mix.” Goldberg spoke alongside other Mon Health and local officials who all welcome the hospital, especially after last February’s tumultuous announcement and shutdown of Fairmont Regional Medical Center and how a health care void was created in the community. Goldberg said the prospect of not having to start from scratch on a building is, in part, what motivated the shift in location to the Middletown Commons. “We promised we would bring health care and a hospital and here we are and we will be open here,” Goldberg said. “The small format hospital model makes sense — it’s very economical and quick to build.” Kristina Adrian, executive director of marketing and communications for Mon Health System, said the hospital will bring more services to Marion County, in addition to an emergency department


“Bringing access to care into this neighborhood is really important and preserving that choice,” Adrian said. “It’s a full-service medical hospital, 24/7 emergency care and also point of care full-service lab, some behavioral health as well.” The Marion County Chamber of Commerce jumped in to the fight to keep Fairmont Regional open months before the announcement as well as the months after its March 19 closure. Chamber Executive Board Chairman Jonathan Board said the new hospital, as well as the one planned by WVU Medicine off the Gateway Connector, will give the Marion County residents options like never before. “It means better outcomes at great value and choice, which is so vitally important when you are talking about the most intimate thing about our lives, our health,” Board said. “We are champions of that and we love what is happening.” Chamber President Tina Shaw characterized the new health care option as ‘exciting.” “Over one year ago, Marion County was on the verge of losing a lot of our health care options,” Shaw said. “Marion County’s leadership team got to work, and with the help of a very, very vocal legislative team, and a CEO who wouldn’t give up, we are now breaking ground on a new full-service hospital.” Board introduced multiple speakers, from Mon Health officials to community officials who were part of bringing a Mon Health hospital to the region, including outgoing West Virginia Sen. Roman Prezioso,(D-13), Marion County Commissioner Ernie VanGilder and Guy Ward, former mayor of White Hall and current West Virginia House Delegate-elect. Ward said the original Middletown Mall was an economic boom to White Hall when it was in its heyday, and he wanted to restore it to its former glory once again. “The original Middletown mall was a $10 million facility and was officially dedicated March 13, 1971,” Ward said. “The mall was the boom to the town of White Hall, and like a lot of boom towns, we almost lost that boom. As mayor, one of my dreams was to do something to help bring this mall back to life.” Board said the new hospital will likely bring an economic boon to the county, especially seeing that it will be part of the Middletown Commons. “It’s a wonderful thing — it means everything to us,” Board said. “This is vitally important for what, until a few months ago, was an underserved community.” According to Goldberg, the hospital will be open about this time next year, if not sooner. He said that although Mon Health has been present in Marion County for years on Locust Avenue, this new hospital will bring the organization’s emergency care closer to Marion County residents. “We have been in Marion County with primary cardiology for a long, long time,” Goldberg said. “We wanted to be able to bring care full-service home.”




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