•Middletown Homes•


Built on Service. Built on Trust.

That’s been the core of our business since 1986. We’ve served hundreds of families as they looked for their next home, and every customer knew that we took serving them seriously.

  • Construction quality backed by exclusive guarantees
  • Your home built fast using revolutionary construction methods
  • A proven company to handle all the work


Protection For Your Whole Home

Every home we build is backed by a 2-10 homebuyer’s warranty from RWC and MHWC. Situations arise even in perfect homes, but we take so much pride in our work that we’ll take care of any mechanical or structural situations that arise, 100% free.
This warranty covers:
• Workmanship situations (such as drywall cracks or loose flooring) for 1 year.
• Mechanical situations (such as your furnace or central A/C) for 2 years.
• Structural situations (such as your foundations or framing) for 10 years.


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