Case Study

CLIENT: Kisamore Enterprises


Sales Closing Rate

Bethany College Marketing

Connecting Families & Homes and Growing Sales Through Video Production

Video Walkthrough | House Tour


Kisamore Enterprises is a luxury custom homebuilding company in Morgantown, WV. They specialize in custom-designed spaces that welcome families in every aspect of the home. Kisamore Enterprises partnered with our team specifically to assist in audience-reach and sales through video marketing.

Video Walkthrough | House Tour


After diving into Kisamore Enterprises and understanding their target audience and offerings, our team designed a marketing calendar for each of their custom home listings. We heavily focused on marketing strategy, marketing intelligence, and public relations. The focus was to share each home in video form through a meaningful lens.

Video Walkthrough | Mountaineer Woodlands Community


During the following several weeks, our team produced and edited video walkthroughs of each Kisamore Enterprises’ home. Each video capturing elegant meaning and character within the homes. Marketing strategy focused our team on specific branding and messaging: simple, clean, and elegant. Marketing intelligence allowed us to explore what competitors were doing, and how Kisamore Enterprises could stand out. Finally, public relations identified our communication strategy, civic engagement and advertisement, and media relations. Upon sharing the videos, Kisamore Enterprises experienced a sales closing rate at over 44%.