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“Heritage” means a lot of things. In the strictest sense, it implies something one received, tangible or otherwise, from those who went before them…something one possesses, without necessarily deserving it. And something one passes on. Heather Neill, Broker and Owner of Heritage Realty International, Inc., lives on a small farm, in a 150-year-old home built by her Prickett ancestors. She loves a simple life on her small farm, and isn’t ashamed to tell you “Country Roads” and “America the Beautiful” bring tears to her eyes. She spends free time working toward her goal of a sustainable farm and organic apple orchard, playing with her dogs Molly and Winston, and feeding the chickens. “They came over the mountains in wagon trains, carrying with them many young apple trees.”

The Moran Family History Her roots run deep in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The seventh great-granddaughter of Col. Morgan Morgan, a Welsh immigrant who was the first pioneer to settle in what would become West Virginia, Heather is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the Marion County Historical Society, and is deeply proud of her West Virginia heritage. Her family tree traces names like David Morgan, Frederick VanGilder, Governor Francis Pierpont, Governor Ephraim Morgan, Eldora Moran, Jacob Prickett…Bunner, Springer, Ice, Gilfillen, and Neill – among the bedrock of the West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Virginia settlers. They, and the proud history of West Virginia, have great meaning for her. “But you can’t rest on your laurels,” Heather says, “or rely on the accomplishments of others to define who you are. It diminishes what you have been given, and tarnishes what you leave to your children.” This savvy businesswoman’s bold personality, negotiating skills, values, and strong work ethic, offer clients invaluable expertise in real estate sales.

She takes her work seriously, and has earned numerous certifications through the National Associate of Realtors, including Council of Residential Specialists. Her CRS certification puts Heather in an elite group of the top 4% of Realtors in the country who hold the highest designation awarded in residential sales. “This Certification gives a Realtor extra tools and in-depth knowledge about the business, and demonstrates a superior level of dedication to your customers and career,” she said. As the real estate industry becomes more sophisticated and challenging each day, a greater degree of commitment and education are of paramount importance. Heather believes in a “handshake-mentality” and takes a vested interest in each client. “I take my customers to heart,” she said. “I have an interest in each person and their needs are important to me. I don’t pressure people because I don’t like to be pressured. If you treat people right, they will come back to you, and they will tell their friends how great you were.” In all she does, Heather endeavors to live up to her heritage, and to pass it on, untarnished, to the next generation. “I enjoy what I do, and count it an honor to represent you,” Heather said.” Serving West Virginia and Pennsylvania.



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