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With 13,000 square feet of wall space in a 20,000 square foot facility, Gritstone is a state-of-the-art climbing gym with terrain for all levels of climbers. From climbs for tykes to hard, steep lead routes, Gritstone has something for everyone. Gritstone is a premier sport climbing facility. We have 9,000+ square feet of roped surface up to 49 feet high and over 100 roped routes.

61 total rope lanes. 44 top-rope lanes. 54 lead lanes. 7 top-rope only lanes. 17 lead-only lanes. Eight auto belays. Speed climbing.

Here at Gritstone, there’s endless opportunity to push yourself and get stronger. the place to play.Here at Gritstone, fun meets artistry. Our 3,500 square foot bouldering wall was designed by renowned hold-shaper and gym designer, Jason Kehl-Crytochild. Climbs are protected by premium Walltopia padded bouldering flooring. Our bouldering wall reaches up to 15.5 feet high and allows climbers to explore a wide variety of movements and styles.

The place to grow – Gritstone’s second floor includes a Learning Zone: a family-focused climbing space. Bright, colorful, and filled with kid-friendly routes, it’s built to foster a love of climbing.

The Learning Zone features roped walls up to 29 feet tall and bouldering walls up to 12 feet tall.

Gritstone’s Learning Zone is built to help climbers grow.


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