Grant Stewart | Executive Coach | Performance Matrix


Performance Matrix LLC and Strategic Partners International specialize in helping organizations and individuals manage Strategic Change, Innovation, Cultural Transition, and Goal Achievement. Results are measured by significant return on investment in productivity, performance, cost reduction, and asset utilization. The approach at Performance Matrix, and with Executive Coach, Grant Stewart, is customized and tailored to meet individual needs with proven processes.

Performance Matrix specializes in corporate development: systems, process, structure, and people. They operate through strategic partnerships across a wide range of individuals and organizations. First, they select the right partnership firm for each project. Then they function as a team through a global network of 500-plus firms specializing in organizational development and executive coaching. Many executives experience a false assumption that once they reach the higher levels of organizational leadership they no longer need personal development. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Combine this with the unfortunate reality that personal growth opportunities for people at this level are rare, in part, because executives are often insulated from meaningful, direct, and honest feedback.


In short, none of us can behave inconsistently from the image we hold of ourselves brought about by conditioned programming and old fixed, mental models.  True advancement and true cultural, professional, and personal change requires breaking out of conditioned routines. Our process is designed and proven to effectively help you achieve this.





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