Chanteclaire Farm


Imagine that a single address exists at precisely the intersection of “meant to be” and “ever-after”. Chanteclaire Farm is that spot, nestled in the tranquil hills of Western Maryland, near Deep Creek Lake. This is where French country elegance found its perfect complement in the casual, traditional beauty of an American farm.The farm has a glow and energy that draws us to it… and lights our way. Those who feel it daily are nurtured by the light and use it to create the sheer magic of our events. From the moment you step onto the grounds, you are part of this. The couple’s unique chemistry radiates, and each guest is a spark, contributing to a brilliant, perfect experience.


Fresh, Fun-loving & Fabulous

When a Bride takes this ever so personal journey with Chanteclaire, she arrives at The Farm with openness and visions of the magical things we’re known for. She has an amazing group of friends and they’ll spend the “day of a lifetime” together. The hair, the nails, the make-up, oh, how we love this “girly” tradition centered around generosity & life-long friendship. Not to mention beauty. Yes, she is gorgeous, the happiest brides always are! And as she drives down the lane waving goodbye, we know she’ll say…

Music: You And Me by Present Moment


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