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A liberal arts education produces leaders—the critical thinkers who develop the big ideas, pave uncharted paths, and create the strategies needed for a successful future. In the process, our students learn to make deep connections so they can connect with others and the world in the most meaningful of ways.

So begins our bold vision for our College in Bethany Connect—a distinctive vision that incorporates five exciting pathways that will enable Bethany graduates to achieve unprecedented student success. Our strategic plan provides an opportunity for us to blaze a new trail—one where our students will discover the power of our exemplary teaching and learning, and an education that fully embraces a holistic approach designed to identify, hone, and strengthen their unique talents.

These pathways intentionally create connections between our College and the world outside it—between the historic past of Bethany and the bold future we want to pursue. They enhance the coveted connections between our students and the alumni who have come here before them.

Our College will foster self-discovery, serving as a sanctuary that empowers our students to explore ideas from every angle, to discover their passions, and to embrace the power of intellectual inquiry, so they can apply their education fully while strengthening their own adaptability, courage, and necessary skills.




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