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At A&M Homes, we take pride in building truly custom homes from the ground up. We are dedicated to creating a living space that reflects who you are. Whether you prefer contemporary or classic, rustic or modern, we can build a house that fits your tastes and lifestyle. We build custom homes, on your lot, in Morgantown, WV and its Surroundings. Our bids include everything that it takes to build a beautiful home. From excavation and site work to the last item installed in your house. We work with you’re budget and needs to make sure it’s your dream home.

We allow you to customize in the areas that are important to your family without overwhelming you in the process. This allows you the freedom to make your home unique, while reducing frustration and oversight. Working with A&M Homes and our talented team is unlike any other experience, because no one builds a custom home like we do. We pay attention to every detail as if it was our home.




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