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CLIENT: Ziebart


Increase in Client Portal

Ziebart Industrial Marketing

Reaching Audiences Through Video Production in Unique & Funny Ways

Ziebart Z-Gloss Auto Detailing


Ziebart is an international leader is automotive protection and appearance services. When Ziebart approached our team, they were unsure of the direction they wanted to go, or how to approach their marketing commercials. The one goal they had in mind was simple: original and comical. They were looking for a light, funny, and personable approach to their commercials.

Ziebart Rust Proofing


After completing our creative brainstorming meetings, our team of creatives decided to create a series of commercials around “Mr. Z” with various professions for various Ziebart categories. Creative marketing was the predominate strategy used for production, while marketing intelligence and marketing strategy were used to solidify the outlook. With this unique approach, the goal was to reach a variety of audiences and connect with them through a unique lens.

Ziebart Truck Accessories


At the conclusion of our meetings with Ziebart and our internal team, we began scripting, producing, and editing an array of video commercials for Ziebart. Each of the videos with a different profession for “Mr. Z” and highlighting an offering of Ziebart. Creative marketing was our focus when building the brand and core messaging around the commercials. Marketing strategy allowed our team to view audience insights and use those insights in our approach. Marketing intelligence was useful when looking at competitors and effective communication. Post-production, the commercials were instantly a hit. Ziebart’s new client portal increased by over 34%. Today, “Mr. Z” continues to provide a unique and comical approach to Ziebart services.