Well, well, well… Many people would say, “Cody, it’s about time!” And those people would be right, it’s about time buddy. In July, seven years ago, Cody asked Michelle out (to be his boyfriend) at her house right before she left for college in New York. Being best friends with Cody since we were 10 and witnessing their love is such a great happiness for all. Especially seeing their love grow since their beginning days.

Ohiopyle Engagement Photography

When Cody told me he was going to ask Michelle to marry him, I was more than ecstatic. He waited a few months before he actually dropped to one knee. The Friday before the proposal, Cody and I had lunch at the most famous Applebee’s in Uniontown. We planned the whole proposal by going to Ohiopyle and came up with every option that was possible. I was going to be hiding in the woods, with my cameras, as they walked towards the spot we agreed on. As they walked, Cody’s brother Dylan was going to be the distraction to keep Michelle occupied as I would jump out of the woods shooting photos the entire time.


Then Cody would go down on one knee. Our plan was a complete success and here is the result…


Ohiopyle Engagement Photography


We decided to shoot their engagement session right where the proposal happened. Not only by those rocks, but as well as Cucumber Falls that’s located at Ohiopyle State Park. Their wedding is planned for September 15th, 2018 in Rockwood, PA & I really couldn’t be more excited for the wedding and what’s in store for their future together.



Ohiopyle Engagement Photography


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